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We all carry wounds from our past that create hardships with others or ourselves. Gaining an understanding of our past so that we can live in the present, helps us to heal those wounds and be our true selves. Our bodies carry the traumas of our past, I work to reconnect your mind and body so that you can live your life in current time. I strive to give you a supportive environment with compassion and empathy so that you feel able to do this hard work. This is your journey, that I will walk beside you in. It is my goal to make you feel like the expert on your path, by gaining awareness and understanding of yourself. Walking through the doors of therapy is hard, I will help you gain an understanding of your emotions and help you ground yourself while you work through your wounds.

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I use a somatic based approaches to connect you to yourself and others. Connection and awareness with ourselves and everyone one around us helps us to be the person we want to be.


-Couples work




-Childhood trauma

-Healing relationships





-Connecting with your wants and needs

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2205 N Lombard St. Suite 101

Portland, Or 97217


Tuesday- Thursday: By Appointment Only

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